The first mineral species in Catalonia found in La Vall Fosca

The Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) has accepted and recognized as a new mineral species Abellaïta NaPb2 (CO3) 2 (OH), the first new mineral species discovered in Catalonia. Its type locality is the Eureka mine in Castell-estaó, in the municipality of Torre de Capdella.

The mineral was named after its discoverer, Joan Abella.

It is a basic lead and sodium carbonate, which comes in submillimeter euhedral and subedral crystals, that rarely exceed 0,03 mm grouped forming aggregates and without apparent order in the form of a rose, laminar hexagonal habit, colourless and transparent, sometimes white, intense pearly vitreous shine, between translucent and opaque, translucent crystals may present iridescences, the crystals are very fragile and aggregates are friable, insoluble in water and is a mineral of new formation.

The holotype of the new mineral is now part of the collection of the Museum of Natural Sciences (MCNB) with the  registration number “26350 MGB.”

Further information at:

“Ibáñez-Insa, J., Elvira, J.J., Oriols, N., Llovet, X., Viñals, J. (2016) Abellaite, IMA 2014-111. CNMNC Newsletter No. 29, February 2016, page 200. Mineralogical Magazine: 80: 199–205”.

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