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Capdella – Cabana del Pastor (Shepherd’s hut)

Cabana del Pastor (Shepherd’s hut)

The route starts on the square, next to the church, and goes on to the fountain, where you will see the first sign. From there, go up the street and take the path on your left. There, you will find a fork which leads to La Vall de Rus, on the right, connecting with the GR-11-20 route (long-distance footpaths), and towards the Cabana del pastor, on the left. The first section goes downhill through a wooded area, until you get to a wooden bridge that spans the Riqüerna river and Capdella’s recently restored old mill. From there, the route goes on almost until the hut, flanked by a stone wall and some remains of animal pens and sheds. The last section connects with the track that leads to the shepherd’s hut.

4.9 km
Height difference
570 m
2 h
Access of vehicle:

From the neighbouring village of Senterada, follow the L-503 road to La Vall Fosca until Capdella.

Things to see
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