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Mont-ros – La Torre de Capdella

La Torre de Capdella

The route starts from Mont-ros, at the branch of the road that crosses the village. To begin with, the path is quite wide, in the middle of field crops. Then, it becomes narrower and follows a dry stone wall, next to a farm. When you get to an open plain, you will find several branches. Keep on the wide path, downhill, along the farm, towards the main road. After a few curves, you will find a branch on the right. Walk downhill until you cross the Espones’s ravine, over the footbridge. The path goes straight up to an open area until the Espones’chain, under a high voltage tower, where you will find a track. Go down the track to La Torre de Capdella.

2.8 km
Height difference
122 m
1 h 10
Access of vehicle:

From the neighbouring village of Senterada, follow the L-503 road to La Vall Fosca until Molinos. Just after the village, turn right towards Paüls de Flamisell, Mont-ros and Pobellà.

Things to see
  • Mont-ros’s church
  • Les Espones’s ravine
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