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Obeix – Castell-Estaó – Antist


The route starts with a paved section and goes down through old vegetable gardens and hay fields. It then goes on towards the canyon, before entering a shady area scattered with oak and box trees. Instead of following the path on your right that would take you to Obacs’s bridge, cross the torrent. You will get to the main road, 50 metres before Castell-estaó. This is the starting point of the path that leads to Antist.

The main part of the route is flanked by stone walls. 100 metres after the village, the path joins a track for a while before going on. You will start walking uphill and find a series of large-sized cherry trees before penetrating into a quite mature oakwood. Then, you will cross a dry ravine surrounded by riverside vegetation. Follow the path in the middle of walls and box trees and cross another torrent. Like around the previous one, you will see a series of particularly high black poplars. Follow the track you arrive at and then take the path again, along the track, until you get to Antist.

4.6 km
Height difference
137 m
1 h 15
Access of vehicle:

From the neighbouring village of Senterada, follow the L-503 road to La Vall Fosca until the entrance of La Torre de Capdella.

Things to see
  • Obacs’s bridge, before arriving to Obeix
  • Castell-estaó’s viewpoint, with its spectacular views
  • The village of Antist, which has been restored using traditional techniques, reddish whitewashes and tonalities as well as respecting the volume, profile and historical perimeter of the village.
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