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Aiguabella – Cambra d’aigües (water reservoir)

L-503 (km 15,8)
Càmbra d’aigües - Astell

Leave your car at the crossing with the village of Aiguabella. From there, walk a few metres on the road until you find the entry to the path, which is clearly marked. The route is long, but very flat. It gets through the different woods until the different parts of the channel. During the walk, you will enjoy spectacular views of the north and the south of the valley. This vision of La Vall Fosca from such a height is really amazing, especially at the point of La Torre de Capdella, one of the most narrow places, with the village in the background. Once at Molinos’s water reservoir, cross the ancient facilities of the power station and take the track that leads to the main road. From there, you will reach Astell, 200 m away.

6.1 km
Height difference
186 m
2 h 05
Access of vehicle:

From the neighbouring village of Senterada, follow the L-503 road to La Vall Fosca until the crossing with Aiguabella, where you can leave your car.

Things to see

Surroundings of Molinos’s water reservoir

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