Photo Competition


18th Photography contest



  • A1. Landscapes or places in Vall Fosca.
  • A2. Works, jobs or activities carried out in Vall Fosca. The photos are supposed to reflect activities related to livestock, agriculture, humanized fauna, sport, trade, leisure, etc.
  • A3. Villages or elements that are part of Vall Fosca’s heritage.
  • A4. Native (wild) fauna and flora of Vall Fosca.

For all categories, the photos are supposed to allow the viewer to identify the place it represents, whose name is mentioned in the title it has been registered with.


Once the pictures are received, the jury will preselect the best ones, which will aim for the final prizes.

The prizes are the following:

  • Honour Award of Vall Fosca Photography Contest 2022 (€493,83)
  • First Prize of every contest category (€246,91)

The contestants are allowed to submit only one picture per category, which means that they will be allowed to submit up to 4 pictures.

The winner of the Honour Award of Vall Fosca Photography Contest will be part of the jury of the next edition of the Photography Contest, in which he will thus not be allowed to take part.

No participant will get more than one prize.

The winners of one of the prizes established in these terms and conditions will be obliged to attend the awards ceremony.

Awards ceremony: 10th September.


The pictures will be admitted through our website

The deadline to submit the pictures is 03/08/2022 at 2.00 pm.


Each contestant is allowed to submit up to one picture per category, which will be sent through

The title of the picture and the author’s pseudonym will have to be mentioned on the back. If a participant submits a picture in several categories, he/she will have to use the same pseudonym in all the categories, which must be different from the one used in previous editions, though.

Only pictures shot with digital devices or digitized analogue pictures will be accepted. Their format must be JPEG, converted in RGB colour space with embedded profile. The size must be 1920 pixels in their largest side.

If they feel it is appropriate, the organizers can require the original RAW/JPEG file of all the pictures that get to the final step of the contest. The original RAW/JPEG file can be requested in any other previous stage of the contest. If they are not provided, the picture might be disqualified.

The pictures that do not meet the format requirements will be rejected. If the size exceeds the established parameters, the picture will be automatically reduced in order to fulfil the rules and the organizers will not take any responsibility for the result.

The pictures that might be required for their printing on paper will not be higher than 8 MP and will have to be submitted in the format required by the organizers.


No tampering or digital alteration of the pictures is allowed. Only moderate adjustments related to the following elements are permitted:

  1. Global corrections of tone, white balance, brightness, contrast, colour saturation, adjustment of shadows and lights.
  2. Conversion of the picture to black and white, or other changes of colour.
  3. Moderate focusing and selective reduction of digital noise and granularity.
  4. Elimination of drawings, cleaning of dust particles, correction of distortions and anomalies of the optics.
  5. Reframing of the picture, as long as the result does not exceed 8 Mp without interpolation.
  6. Multiple exposure pictures with HDR images, panoramic pictures and focus-stacking are allowed, as long as the pictures have been taken in the same sequence or work (this should be mentioned in the legend or in the informative description of the picture) and meet the principles of authenticity of the contest (no real alteration of reality allowed).
  7. No watermarks, margins or references to the author on the picture are allowed.


The pictures must have been taken during the last four years before the contest.

Contestants are not allowed to submit the same picture or two very similar pictures in more than one category.

The jury can invalidate or change a picture if it does not belong to the appropriate category.

No picture awarded in other contests before the end of the registration period of this contest will be accepted.

The pictures sent must be accompanied with the following information:

  • Category
  • Description of the picture (mention of the location of the picture is compulsory)
  • Technical data (camera, lens, exposure, speed, ISO, etc.). Optional.
  • Any further processing described in section 6 about the technical requirements of the contest. Optional.

7.- JURY

The jury will be composed of 6 people + the popular vote:

  • 3 independent photographers: Josep Amorós, Francesc Farrús and Ferran Grau
  • Winner of the last edition of the Contest: Ollé Corderch
  • 1 representative of La Torre de Capdella Town Council.
  • 1 representative of the Committee on Culture.

If the jury considers so, they can declare some prizes void.

The jury’s decisions are unappealable. No reclaim or appeal against them will be accepted.


  • Closing of the contest:
  • Exhibition of the pictures: from August 5 to September 1. This year, the preselected pictures will be exhibited on
  • Popular votes: from August 5 to September 1 on
  • Presentation and awards ceremony: 10th September at 6.00 pm


The contestants declare they are authors of the submitted pictures and that they have all the rights related to them.

The pictures with a person/people that can be recognized or identified (category which allows human presence) require the express consent of the interested as well as the corresponding license of assignment of rights of personal portrayal. The organizers of the contest will not take any responsibility for the possible claims aimed at the authors, which might cause the disqualification of the picture.

The awarded and finalist pictures might be reproduced in books, catalogues, posters or any physical or digital support, mentioning the author’s name, who disinterestedly assigns his/her reproduction rights to the organization of the contest for that purpose. This assignment is non-exclusive.

For the other pictures, the copyright belongs to the authors of the pictures. In case someone wants to use them, the author will have to be informed about it.

Data protection: according to UE Regulation 2016/679 of Parliament and Council dated 27th April related to the protection of individuals with regard the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, the contestants are informed that their data will be included in a file that belongs to the Town Council in order to manage the sociocultural event. They are also informed about the possibility to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and object according to the legislation in force through a request brought to the Register of La Torre de Capdella’s Town Council.

The fact of applying to the present edition of the contest means that you accept every single section of these terms and conditions.