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Casa Fonso

Grocery located in the centre of the valley, in La Torre de Capdella, where you can buy a wide range of products:

  • Home made products: honey, pâté, pork sausages (dried and fresh), Catalan sausage, bull d’ou, foie gras, tupí cheese, sheep and goat milk cheese, etc.
  • Meats: local lamb, pork (sausage, loin, ribs, etc.) and beef
  • Bakery and pastry: farmhouse bread, coques de recapte, egg or sugar coca, croissants, panadons, homemade cupcakes, etc.
  • Other products: drinks, cleaning, souvenirs from La Vall Fosca, etc.

The shop is next to La Torre de Capdella’s city hall.

Opening Hours

From 10 h to 14 h (Monday to Sunday)
From 17 h to 20 h (Monday to Saturday)


Casa Fonso
25515 La Torre de Capdella
Phone: (+34) 973 66 30 38 / 606 069 366