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Brunec Organic veal

Aixalda C.B. is a family-run farm dedicated to the production and commercialization of Bruna dels Pirineus veal according to the regulations on organic products, with certification since 1989.

We practice transhumance with our livestock in order to take the most of La Vall Fosca’s high mountain pastureland in summer as well as the Pre-Pyrenees’ low mountain fields in winter. The veals are exclusively fed by their mothers until the slaughter. The veals are slit open and cut in our own facilities.

Our meat is distributed vacuum-packed and straight sent to the final customer or individuals on order. Our veal is sold under the brand Brunec.

Our products: veal cut and vacuum-packed in 10-kilo boxes containing different pieces of the animal (strip loin, steak, grinded steak, filet, meat for stews, meat to roast). We also sell half animals cut in pieces and vacuum-packed.


Direct sale all year round to customer groups, individuals, restaurants and canteens.

Possibility to meet consumer groups (on request).


Address: Casa Mestrepere
25512 Pobellà (Pallars Jussà)
Phone: (+34) 973 66 30 22 and (+34) 608 89 95 51

Instagram: @vedella_brunec