Casa Mora


It is a bright and spacious Vacation Home with 4 floors country style but newly built with high quality materials, a perfect combination. It has double glazing on all windows and balconies, electric and oil heating radiators with a room dedicated to the boiler and a fair place. Incredibly positioned with stunning views of the valley.

It consists of the stable and the garden on the ground floor, the living room, kitchen and master bath on the first floor. On the second floor there are 5 separate double bedrooms and a 2nd independent bathroom; The suite with a queen bed and private bathroom, 2 with a double bed and 2 with two twin beds. There is also a big upper space at the top the house with plenty of games for children, and a 4th bathroom. Casa Mora, located in Aiguabella, has been a country house from at least 3 centuries now restored with love and imagination as family house.


Phone: +34 973 087 729