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Festival de Música Antiga dels Pirineus

Time: 12:30 AM 

Place: La Plana de Mont-ros

Concert del Festival de Música Antiga dels Pirineus:

The Josquin Songbook



María Cristina Kiehr, soprano
Jonatan Alvarado, tenor
Ariel Abramovich, vihuela

Works by J. des Prez.

The composers who were born in the mid-15th century, especially the ones from the Netherlands, created a new musical style that was dominant over ecclesiastical music for more than one century and that spread throughout the majority of genres of the sophisticated highbrow music, both vocal and instrumental. Josquin des Prez became the standard-bearer of this style, the symbol of a form of polyphonic music based on the principles of imitative counterpoint that sounded like eternal life and became a bright model. The programme offers personal versions of five monumental pieces by Josquin adapted to two voices and a viola which were conceived for extraordinary occasions. The musical altarpiece is completed by some of his most popular works for viola and by some versions of Josquin’s works for voice and instrument created by the violinists themselves.

Tasting concert: Local product Tasting after the concertVila Corona Winery and Ca d’Antema Cold meats.



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